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Are you looking to purchase, refinance or renew? I will make your life better by helping to manage your 
real estate debt.
"We went to many banks and they all denied us. Lee said he could get us a mortgage and he came through... he did it."
"Lee's been helping me out since 2012. Smooth... Easy... A great guy to deal with. Very friendly and personal."
12 reasons Lee should be your 
#1 choice for a mortgage broker.
  • Local: Living in Squamish since 2014
  • ​Experience: Getting mortgages approved since 2009
  • ​Speed: 90% of mortgage files approved within 48 hours
  • Application Process: No forms to fill out. No meetings to go to... 100% of mortgage applications taken over the phone. 
  • ​Document Review: Mortgage documents reviewed electronically over a scheduled phone call.
  • ​Signing: No meeting required. All mortgage documents signed electronically.
  • Paperless: All mortgage documents sent electronically
  • Clarity: Summary email sent after every phone call.
  • ​Stress level:  Constant follow up and summary emails will keep your stress level to the bare minimum through the whole mortgage process. 
  • Mobile Friendly: Electronic mortgage document review and signing can be done on your mobile device.
  • Flexible Schedule: With over 68% of my clients having young children I always offer an after bedtime window of availability.
  • Mortgage Rates: Great mortgage rates!
"Lee was able to secure a mortgage for our house"

"We didn't really think we were able to get into our own property"

"Using some of Lee's methods of refinancing we've been able to add this great showroom to our property."

Check out this video!
how to add the renovation into the mortgage.
"Lee O'Callaghan is an experienced, top notch mortgage broker."
"I absolutely 
recommend Lee for any of my clients"
"He's helped me with my last two mortgages, and made it happen where others couldn't."
"Trust it"
"Thanks mate, for the mortgage on this beauty!!"
"Thank you Lee for the money"
"Terrific job! Fully approved in only 2 days"
"Excellent Rate. I am really impressed and grateful."
"Thank you so much for all the time, effort, and expertise"
"It was a pleasure doing business with you."
Thank you for checking me out online.  I look forward to getting to know you too.  Give me a call or shoot me a text and we can start a conversation to see what's possible!
Lee O'Callaghan